Sunday, September 2, 2012


 Good day too all! This will be another update from my Mk-II RG named as Perseus. So why Perseus? since I watch too much television, I got the name from the movie Clash of The Titans, and I had an idea since it will be my first time entering GBWC with only a 1/144 scaled kit. I know a lot of entries will be 1/100 and more likely be monsterfied(oh no). Anyway Ill do my best this year! so without further ado here it is.
Primary photos of my MK2. I started scratchbuilding parts back then even though I dont have the kit yet, luckily
the made parts fit well and saved me time.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hazel Infinite Justice

Hello guys! here is my most recent build The hazel Infinite Justice and it 
is my entry for the MEC 2012 competition happening at mechalounge! :)
join in at mechalounge now! :D 

I started this build at the very 1st day of 2012 
and I finished it just yesterday July 6 2012

Here is a picture of  my IJ with my 2010 build which is the hi-nu strike freedom :)
with zaku white ogre's special appearance again lol

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Assignment in MAS11 well this is kind of an off topic post but still relative as it is about my very first winning model kit.

1.When I look at my kit it makes me feel happy as it is the first time I won something out of it. the skill I used may be in design as I was the one who personally designed it and modified it. and whenever i think of it I feel really really happy as my parents got proud of me and later on supported me on this hobby

2. I think it triggers all of the six senses as I need to incorporate them all and understand every aspect of the build, again I think the best would work if I integrate the design as it is all about being creative and original

3.For me it has a great significance how my mind can react from the sensory received from building the model kit itself so it is a really great deal how I can see a lot of connections as it is clearly a work of art

trying it on a different object which is a vase I dont really feel anything towards it even though some have some interesting shapes and sizes but I really cant see anything special about it.  But even though it looks boring some may look so good yet simple.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Infinite Justice Part III

I have primed the inner skeleton of this kit and should focus more on detailing the internals via hand brush painting, also I will be a sitting duck until I have obtained the airbrush that I ordered and I have to practice first before practically using it on my kit I might mess up and the mods will just get screwed tenfold.
so for now the frame is in basic primer gray by bosny and I hope to paint it soon. 
Here showing before painting of the frame I decided to make a last look before fully painting
the kit and this is the outcome I do hope to make a good result after painting it.

and here is showing the primed frame with some hatches opening, well I just wanted
to show the idea but I plan to make better joints of how the inner frame is revealed
and I hope again to make it look good. :D