Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rx-6 Thunderhorse

So I present you guys my unicorn gundam modified into the rx-6 Thunderhorse I got the name from a song in guitar hero lolol here it is

and then searched the net for the thunder horse I came to a mythical creature created by wizards for knights to ride in sky battles. well I found out that there are a bit of pictures for a thunderhorse reference so I thought of what the sky looks like when there is a storm brewing
so its dark blue and lightning is white? (but I prefer to make it yellow) but anyway I made the frame white :) so thats where I got the scheme. Now for the additional parts the big booster because of the concept thunder horse the horse had wings to fly with now I just noticed that the unicorns back pack is very simple so I made a big thrusters and 2 pairs of mounted bfgs that also turn into destroy mode when the main unit transforms.

for the bfg I dunno it just came to me and I wanted to build one hehe
most of the sb parts has lego parts inside it so there could be equality (haha Im lazy to measure things) and also made the dio out by scratchbuilding everything in it I admit it is not orginal as I copied the diorama of kenny lim's trinity well there are some days I wished I made an original concept..but anyway Im happy because I was able to do this :)

and now without further ado here is my rx-6 thunderhorse I got consolation prize at GBWC2011
I think I want to pass for the year 2012 for some reason though..

this shot was taken by Jeremy of Psychoframe photography

yeap thats very much it Id like to improve more and more Ill ba taking it up a notch again :)
feel free to give your insights hehe thank you for viewing!

more photos here!!cpZZ1QQtppZZ24