Friday, September 30, 2011

GBWC is fast approaching! :D

Well guys its almost less than two months before we approach GBWC its quite different since we are used to BAKUC hehe most of us
still consider that its bakuc :D hmm maybe because of we are used to it. We have a lot of amazing wips from MAC, GMAC, MP, PG and other Philippine based forums groups and other else. I must admit Im feeling the pressure now! haha never felt this before because by these times I should be finished with everything
my wip took me about a year to finish hehe I wont be posting anything soon(??????????????) you might see something from me but
not here in my blog now Im finishing the dio hope it stands out and for me this is a new milestone as I did not use the usual illustration boards!

anyway goodluck guys! I got fired up upon seeing this pic :) hope this year will end with a bang! as I know all of us are improving
in terms of skills when it comes to gunpla

by the way here are some DRAFTS (not yet final though):

and they noted that people who won 3 times (in the top 3, not consolation) are barred to join the junior and open categ.

thats all! :D hope I inspired you a bit with this post! once again! GOODLUCK! See you soon! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

spoiler for GBWC

hehe only one picture I dont want to show all what Ive done so far because I want to have some surprise when GBWC arrives ;) at last after 2 weeks of putting my painting skills to the test haha here is a sneak peek :D well there are quite some re touches and darn sometimes I scratch some parts but anyway was able to fix them :)

One more last haha well looks like ANA unicorn when inverted at paint XD
and I found this on the net:

Thunder Horse:
As the armies of the Western Empire was about to close on an Elven village ahead of them. A roar of Thunder off in the distance could be heard and flashes of lighting could be seen.
Out of the cloud of dust that was following emerged a group of twenty riders clad in armor and riding horses that look like demons from hell itself as lighting bolts were emerging from their hooves every time their hooves hit the ground.
As the riders came closer lighting bolts shoot out of their eyes. As the archers of the western empire shoot arrows at the approaching party a wall of electricity appeared to block the riders from any harm that was heading their way.
The wizards on the other side try using magic against them by summoning demons to attack the riders
but when the demons try to scare and attack them this only made the mounts even madder cause this mounts were magically engineered for fighting and as part of their alterations anything that normally scares most people or animals only
causes the beast aggressive nature to become more aggressive and attack what ever it is that cause the problem.
As the battle continued on the western empire soldiers that were left learned why the mounts were called what they were.

The Thunder Horses were a magically engineered byproduct of the great war tens of thousands of years ago. This war was fought between the various races of the Palladium World against the Old Ones.
The Thunder Horse are considered by many to not really be horses. They are magical creatures similar in nature to the Unicorn, Pegasus, and Dragondactyl.
It was thought that the Thunder Horses had gone extinct but they have been just recently discovered roaming the forest and plains in what had been the Old Kingdom and in the Land of the South Winds.
These horses are very intelligent and very aggressive.
The are also very hard to trained and raise but once they bond to their owners they are very loyal. The new Elven kingdom are the only ones with a large numbers of these horses.

haha thank you for viewing! :D