Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Assignment in MAS11 well this is kind of an off topic post but still relative as it is about my very first winning model kit.

1.When I look at my kit it makes me feel happy as it is the first time I won something out of it. the skill I used may be in design as I was the one who personally designed it and modified it. and whenever i think of it I feel really really happy as my parents got proud of me and later on supported me on this hobby

2. I think it triggers all of the six senses as I need to incorporate them all and understand every aspect of the build, again I think the best would work if I integrate the design as it is all about being creative and original

3.For me it has a great significance how my mind can react from the sensory received from building the model kit itself so it is a really great deal how I can see a lot of connections as it is clearly a work of art

trying it on a different object which is a vase I dont really feel anything towards it even though some have some interesting shapes and sizes but I really cant see anything special about it.  But even though it looks boring some may look so good yet simple.