Sunday, April 22, 2012

Infinite Justice Part III

I have primed the inner skeleton of this kit and should focus more on detailing the internals via hand brush painting, also I will be a sitting duck until I have obtained the airbrush that I ordered and I have to practice first before practically using it on my kit I might mess up and the mods will just get screwed tenfold.
so for now the frame is in basic primer gray by bosny and I hope to paint it soon. 
Here showing before painting of the frame I decided to make a last look before fully painting
the kit and this is the outcome I do hope to make a good result after painting it.

and here is showing the primed frame with some hatches opening, well I just wanted
to show the idea but I plan to make better joints of how the inner frame is revealed
and I hope again to make it look good. :D

Thursday, April 5, 2012

HG genoace

Hello! so my genoace is finally done :D as you can see there were no modifications as the midyear requires only straight out of the box builds so I was restricted to do any modifications anyway, I was really glad it really turned out good and I'm already excited for midyear haha though its still a month away :)

so here it is ;) enjoy